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Polish Oplatki Christmas Wafers. Oplatki Christmas Wafers are a wonderful Christmas Eve tradition celebrated in Poland and other Slav countries. Our Slovak/Polish Christmas wafer is a central European Christian Christmas tradition celebrated in Poland, Lithuania and in some parts of Slovakia. One of the most beautiful period of the year is definitely during the last weeks of the year - when the Christmas markets in Bratislava are held.

All people Even today many Slovak families must have on the Christmas table garlic (to ward off demons), honey, wafers, nuts, cooked peas or French beans, dried fruit, and the main dish, cabbage soup with mushrooms and" opekance" - small pieces of dough - with poppy seed and honey. Might any other readers know of a way to get oblatky for Christmas, either in the U.

S. or in the country in which you are currently located?. Christmas Wafer. Dec 24, 2012. " For us, Polish Americans, the oplatek, that wafer, is Christmas Eve, ". The oplatek tradition spread among Lithuanians, Czechs and Slovaks. Christmas in Slovakia. In Slovakia, Christmas celebrations. Christmas dinner begins with Oplatky small bread wafers and a blessing. The main Christmas supper. Oct 21, 2009. Oplatki Christmas Wafers Slovak christmas wafer Catholic families in Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the start of the traditional Wigilia.

Shop Set of 12 Large Polish White Christmas Wafers (Oplatki) and other. Lithuania, the Czech and Slovakia, the Christmas Eve is the most important night. Both Poles and Slovaks, who live on either side of Europe’s second highest mountain range, forming the natural boundary between Slovakia and Poland, use these wafers at the Christmas Eve supper.

Dec 24, 2017. History of Christmas Eve: Polish Christmas Wafer, its tradition and. and Slovaks — but in Poland it is a legacy from the past to celebrate the. Christmas wafer (Polish: opłatek, plural opłatki; Lithuanian: kalėdaitis, plural kalėdaičiai) is a central European Christian Christmas tradition celebrated in Poland, Lithuania and in some parts of Slovakia during Wigilia, or the Christmas Eve Vigil.

The significance of the Oplatki Christmas wafer is in that it shadows the. The Tradition is popular throughout eastern Europe, including Lithuania and Slovakia. WYANDOTTE, MI Although Christmas Eve is but a few months away, Polish, Lithuanian and Slovak Catholics turn their thoughts in advance to centuries-old traditions and customs that have been lovingly preserved from generation to generation. In contemporary households these customs and traditions. Slovaks and Christmas Traditions.

Christmas is celebrated throughout the world by different peoples in a slightly different way. Slovaks around the world celebrate Christmas in their own special way, the difference only varying by religion, region or country. During Christmas season we offer Oplatky for sale, they come packaged a minimum 3 wafers per envelope, for $1. Another item frequently asked about is our 3 ft. x 2 ft. black and white map of Slovakia. Slovak Christmas Trees are decorated with colored lights, fruits, hand-made decorations made of wood, baked goods made with honey in the form of Angels and other religious symbols and sweets.

Christmas Trees Slovak christmas wafer kept until January 6th, the Feast of the Three Kings ( Epiphany ). Christmas Celebration with Oplatki.

Families of Polish, Slovak and Lithuanian background observe this Christmas Eve Tradition. Family members and guests each are handed an oplatek and they each break off a piece from one another and eat it, expressing best wishes Christmas wafer Christmas wafers, whose patterns often depict religious scenes, are an Eastern European Roman Catholic Christmas tradition celebrated in Polish, Slovak, Lithuanian and Italian families during Wigilia ( Christmas Eve Vigil ).

Christmas in Slovakia is a happy time of year when Baby Jesus brings gifts to children and families gather together around the Christmas tree. Slovakia Christmas Traditions Share Among Catholic families in Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the start of the traditional Wigilia (Christmas Eve Vigil) meal begins with the Oplatki, Oblatky, or Plotkele, a thin Communion-like rectangular wafer made of unleavened bread and stamped with different Christmas.

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